Teeth Whitening Refill Kit

  • Instant whitening results after 1 treatment.
  • Low sensitivity whitening gel that is safe for the enamel.
  • Prevents the recurrence of stains and cavities.
  • Clinically proven, dentist recommended.
  • Blast of cool mint freshness with our whitening gel.
1x 10ml Whitening Gel 22% CP
Replenish your Triwhite Teeth Whitening System with our convenient gel refill kit.
Our whitening gels are 100% vegan-friendly, cruelty–free and made with kosher ingredients. Triwhite products are safe on veneers, filling, caps and crowns. However, the teeth whitening treatment might have little or no effect on composite restoration material.
Our 10ml whitening gels are effective for approx. 2 years if refrigerated and 1 year UN-refrigerated.

Low Sensitivity Whitening Gel

Safe for the enamel

Clinically proven

Prevents the recurrence of stains & cavities

Blast of cool mint freshness

Eliminates bad breath & kills bacteria