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Advanced Teeth Whitening Home-Kit Instructions

Simple Steps to Brighten Your Teeth

Bring out the luxurious pearly smile you love to show off with our Triwhite Advanced Whitening System and a few simples steps!

First Time Triwhite Advanced Home Whitening Users

Before first use, remove the insulating plastic piece from the battery and then insert it into the Accelerator Light. Next, attach the mouth tray to the Accelerator Light. You can also check for a proper fit by trying the mouth tray without any whitening product applied.

Prepare For Your Teeth Whitening Experience

Triwhite works best with freshly brushed teeth so be sure to brush and floss just before treating your teeth. Ensure that the mouth tray is clean of any residue from prior use and not wet before applying the Whitening Gel.


Applying the Triwhite Whitening Gel
Use care when applying Triwhite Whitening Gel and do not overfill the tray. Only use a small drop of whitening product half way up on the inner front& back surface of the mouthpiece for each tooth. Always wipe off any excess and recap the Whitening Gel syringe for the next use.
If the product comes in contact with your clothes, bare skin or gums, rinse off with water right away.
Wearing the Accelerator Light and Tray
After filling the trays with gel, suck down and swallow to pull the mouthpiece tightly against your teeth. Do not ingest the Whitening Gel at any time. Press the button to start a ten-minute timer while the Accelerator Light and Whitening Gel work. Once the timer automatically finishes, remove the lighted tray.
Triwhite After Care Recommendations
Now that your Triwhite Advanced Whitening treatment has finished use warm water to rinse off your mouth and teeth while using care not to swallow any of the whitening product. Next, remove the mouthpiece from the Accelerator Light and clean the tray with a clean, soft brush with lukewarm water. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the tray, put it back in your Advanced Teeth Whitening System kit.
Tips to help improve your experience:
  • For best results, repeat this procedure for six days and look forward to a fantastic smile!
  • Always store in a dark, dry, cold area for best results.
  • Refer to our teeth whitening shade guide to determine and monitor your smile’s progress.
Optimize Your Triwhite Results
Replenish your Triwhite Teeth Whitening System with our convenient gel refill kit.
To get the best results using a Triwhite Advanced Whitening System, use our product consecutively until the Whitening Gel has completed it’s timed session. Once you complete your first round of whitening gel, you may start your new whitening gel refill in 2-4 weeks.
You should also avoid doing the procedure for over 10 minutes since it can cause irritation to gums and erode tooth enamel. Another way to improve your results is to avoid dark or heavily colored foods and beverages, as well as smoking, for at least 48 hours after the entire course of treatment.
White & Go Touch Up Pen Instructions
For those who need a convenient and effective teeth whitening option while on the go, Triwhite has applied smart science to a portable brush pen. Our White & Go whitening pens are suitable for everyday use and allow you to whiten your teeth wherever you desire. The peppermint flavor in our White & Go system triggers the receptors in your mouth, giving you breath that is fresh, cold, and minty. whitening gel refill in 2-4 weeks.
Prepare the White & Go Pen
Remove the White & Go cap and twist the dial on the bottom of the pen clockwise to release the whitening gel onto the brush tip. If it is your first use, it may take extra turns to work the product out of the pen tip at first.
How to Apply the Whitening Gel
While smiling, using a vertical up and down motion to apply a layer of the whitening gel onto the surface of your visible teeth. Apply extra gel to hard to reach spaces between visible teeth and spots that are especially dark. Avoid applying Triwhite product to your gums. Replace the cap once you have completed application to avoid drying out the pen.
Continue to smile for a few seconds after finishing the White & Go pen application and then rinse teeth after 30 minutes. Avoid eating and drinking for an hour after application.
For optimal results, we recommend using our White & go system once a day and stick to this routine for about seven days.
Safety Precautions
At Triwhite we value customer satisfaction and safety equally. While whitening treatments carry very minor risks, it is best not to use our products if you currently experience any of the below conditions:
  • Pregnancy
  • Poor dental health (Gum disease, decaying teeth, exposed roots, etc.)
  • Allergies to peroxide
  • Had recent oral surgery
Other precautions to consider when using Triwhite products includes:
  • Consulting a physician if experiencing sensitivity that is severe or lasts longer than a few days.
  • Do not use on children under 13 years of age.
  • Immediately rinse off any Whitening Gel that comes into contact with your clothes, gums, or skin.
  • Do not swallow the Whitening Gel product.