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White Touch & Go Pen

White Touch & Go Pen

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Triwhite has applied smart science to a portable brush pen. Our White & Go whitening pens are convenient for everyday use and allows you to whiten your teeth anywhere you are. The Peppermint flavor in our White & Go system triggers the receptors in your mouth, resulting in a fresh, cold, and minty breath.

Remove the White & Go cap and twist the dial on the bottom of the pen clockwise to release the whitening gel onto the brush tip. Apply a layer of the whitening gel onto the surface of your visible teeth. Try focusing on darker stains and avoiding the gum line. Do not rinse - serum dissolves away For best results, do not eat, drink or rinse for 20 minutes after application.

  • Instant whitening results after 1 treatment.
  • Low sensitivity whitening gel that is safe for the enamel.
  • Prevents the recurrence of stains and cavities.
  • Clinically proven, dentist recommended.
  • Blast of cool mint freshness with our whitening gel.

  • 1x2ml pen 36% CP
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