Simple to Use

Steps to Brighten your Teeth

Please brush and floss teeth prior to treatment to ensure full effectiveness of whitening gel.

• Before first use, remove battery’s insulating plastic piece and insert battery into the Accelerator Light Attach mouth tray to the Accelerator Light.

• Carefully dispense Whitening Gel on the inner front surface of the tray both on top and bottom making sure to wipe off any excess (less than pea sized amount on each tooth).

• Place tray over your teeth, suck down and swallow to adhere trays to teeth and press button to start 10 minute timer.

• Move the LED light and tray after it turns off automatically

• Rise your mouth and teeth with warm water

• Detach LED light from tray and clean before putting it back into your kit.

• Repeat this procedure for 6 days and look forward to fantastic results.


For Optimal Results

• Use our teeth whitening shade guide to determine and monitor your progress.

• Avoid doing the procedure for over 10 minutes; it can cause irritation to gums and erode tooth enamel.

• For best results whiten teeth consecutively until Whitening Gel is completed.

• Avoid and minimize drinking dark beverages (coffee, tea, soda, etc.), consuming high- colored foods, and smoking for 48 hours after the entire course of treatment.

• Mild sensitivity to hot or cold liquids may occur. Sensitivity usually subsides after 1-2 days. If excessive sensitivity is experienced, please consult your dentist.

• When tray is detached from battery, clean with a soft brush and lukewarm water.


Safety Precautions

• Do NOT use if you are pregnant, have poor dental health such as gum disease, decaying teeth, exposed roots, if you are allergic to peroxide, or have had recent oral surgery.

• Whitening treatments carry very minor risks so please make sure to consult your dentist.

• Do not use on children under 13 years of age.

• Rinse whitening gel with water if it contacts your skin, gums, or your clothes.

• Do not swallow gel.

Care Instructions

Always store in a dark, dry, cold area for best results